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​Gourmet Ground Beef - 1 lb

Ribeye Steak - 8 0z

Brisket - 1-2 lbs

Gourmet Ground Steak - 1 lb

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We breed NaturalGrass-Fed, Free-Range, Humanely Raised and Processed Scottish Highland Cattle on our predator friendly, animal welfare friendly family farm in The Plains, Virginia.  This means that our cattle receive no steroids, antibiotics, or growth hormones and that we handle them with respect and care.  Our gourmet beef appeals to the most health and humanely conscious meat eaters.  The healthy qualities of grass-fed Scottish Highland beef is well documented as being significantly lower in Total Fat, Calories, and Cholesterol as well as higher in Total Omega-3's, Beta Carotene, CLA's, and Vitamin E.  Made from our unique blend of dry-aged Strip Steak, Prime Rib, Round Steak, and Tenderloin Steak, our Ground Steak is sure to tempt the taste buds of any burger and meatball connoisseur. We ensure that our ingredients meet a high standard of quality that you can trust. 

"Gone Away Beef is the only beef my family buys. It's low fat because it's from cows that are only grass-fed and I know it's healthy."

Sal Nistico


“The best Grass-Fed Hamburger Steak ever”

Jackie Jackson


Natural Grass-Fed Quality Scottish Highland Beef


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